Billing and registration service for false alarms to be online by end of this year

Monday, November 1, 2004

GAINESVILLE, Fla.- A service that streamlines registration and billing for false alarms started by a county sheriff’s alarm administrator a year ago will be available as a web-based solution by the end of the year.

The online software management package offered by False Alarm Solutions will be the first to be fully integrated on the Internet, according to John Moorhouse, the owner of the company. He said there are other companies doing outsourcing for false alarms, but the fact that his offerings will be web based, sets False Alarm Solutions apart.

“The system will be completely web enabled,” Moorhouse said. “And, it offers high ease and functionality.”

False Alarm Solutions, launched in 2003 by Moorhouse, was developed as a software package for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office’s False Alarm Reduction Unit to address the high percentage of false alarms in the area. Moorhouse, who is still affiliated with the sheriff’s office as well as the owner of False Alarm Solutions, partnered with a local software company to develop the system that integrates information from alarm systems registered in the county.

After finding success with the software package at the sheriff’s office, which helped account for a reduction in false calls, Moorhouse began the business and offering the solution to other areas.

“There are a few doing outsourcing,” he said. “My niche is the smaller all the way to the larger arenas.”

When live, alarm owners whose municipalities or alarm company subscribe to the service, will be able to check the number of false dispatches they have as well as pay fines online. Alarm companies can also check to see how their customers are fairing in the false alarm arena.

But the software is not where the problem ends, Moorhouse said. Education is also key in minimizing false alarms and the company assists in that end as well.

“We go out and try to teach residents and business owners why their alarm goes off,” he said.

But is a lack of education the main reason for the growing false alarm problem? According to Moorhouse, it all depends on the incident.

“In some cases, yes, but there are many reasons and factors which lead to false alarms,” he said. “Those are easily corrected, usually with education.”

Moorhouse said the solution also lies with finding common ground .“My goal and my solution is that law enforcement and the alarm industry contractors should get together to create a solution.”