Brivo inks large deal with ADT

Thursday, May 1, 2003

ARLINGTON, Va. - A year after hitting the market with its network-based access control system, Brivo Systems has inked its largest deal to date by signing an agreement with ADT Security Services.
As part of the deal, Brivo will provide the technology to power a web-hosted access control system for ADT called ADT Select Entry. The private-labeled product will be geared toward the commercial sector, such as retailers and other multiple location facilities.

“This is certainly a watershed deal for us and is the culmination of a lot of hard work,” said Carter Griffin, chief executive officer of Brivo, a company formed in 1999.

The two companies began talking a year ago as ADT searched for a product that could provide an easy access control solution for national customers, said Jamie Rosand, vice president of commercial marketing for ADT in Boca Raton, Fla.

“It’s really the first practical access control system for retailers because it’s web-based and it doesn’t require on-site management to manage the access control system,” said Rosand.

ADT Select Entry is a hosted-service with the access control software and database residing on a remote central server. Because of this, it requires no-onsite computer, specific software, network wiring or IT involvement. It uses a wide-area system architecture to link a building’s doors to Brivo’s central data center here.

The system works when the access control panel, connected to the central data center via wireless wide-area networking, allows authorized personnel to access specific doors and gates. The application is accessible to authorized administrators over the web to allow remote management.

While ADT Select Entry is a private-label application from Brivo, the company will continue to offer its own brand of its network-based access control solutions to systems integrators and security dealers, said Griffin.

So far ADT has installed the system in 30 sites, some of which were part of an earlier beta test of the product. The system was made available to ADT’s installation force in February.

While Rosand could not provide projected sales for the product, she expects over the next 12 months to make significant inroads in retail, aviation, utilities and homeland security markets.

The turnkey solution, she said, also dovetails well with ADT’s Select Suite of Services, which it rolled out last year. That service can offer online reports to customers on store openings and closings.