Calegari to refit DM for innovation

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

SAN DIEGO--With a new Dedicated Micros Toronto office scheduled to open at the end of October, DM president Alan Calegari has been busy in the last five months, "refitting" the organization, realigning staff and processes in the U.S. and Canada this year and making plans to do the same in Latin America in 2007.
Calegari took some time out from the ASIS show floor to talk to Security Systems News about his roadmap for the company and where it currently stands.
"Our ultimate goal is not just to double revenues, although that's obviously a good thing," he said, "but what we really want to do is create a proliferation of various Dedicated Micros individuals in various regions of the world who can feed back information to us and influence our R&D efforts in a positive way for our customers."
Calegari joined DM on May 1; previously he was president and regional head of Siemens Building Technologies' Security Division.
He's fine-tuned the HR and finance departments to support a realigned staff. Operations now addresses three critical areas: repairs, time of repairs and effectiveness of logistics in deploying products to end users. Reducing the time it takes to do these things "is both cash to us and effectiveness for our customers." Tammy Larson's customer service and support department now has multi-lingual capabilities and more training operators. Mark Provinsal, DM's new vice president of marketing, is creating web sites for internal training and to help staff assist customers.
DM's engineering department has been made more adaptive, headed by vice president Robert McCarthy, and "staffed with people who can operate on our systems' hardware and software and adapt the product for our customers," Calegari said.
The company's presence in Canada was reactive, he said. "Canada is a market economy that deserves the attention, the strategies and the focus that any other market economy deserves. I learned that in a previous assignment," Calegari said.