Campaign offers a view of surveillance

Vector’s program involves internal training on video systems
Sunday, August 1, 2004

WILKES BARRE, Pa. - To tout its expertise in the surveillance market, Vector Security has launched a marketing program called VectorVision that not only aims to tell the customer about its surveillance services, but to ensure that employees are fully-trained on the solutions the company offers.

“We’ve been doing video for the last two or three years, but it’s pretty much been asked for by the customer. We’re turning that around,” said Dave Merrick, marketing director for Vector Security.

The marketing side of the campaign began several months ago with the first in a series of marketing promotions. The first featured a View Master with a slide presentation that asks the customer if he’s disappointed by poor video performance and tells him how VectorVision can help. The second slide series continues with the message about the benefits of VectorVision, such as return on investment and ability to share video information.

Behind the scenes, work on executing the VectorVision concept began long before the marketing program’s launch. That’s when Vector Security hired Jim Rao as director of video technology. Rao brings to Vector Security 12 years of experience of selling surveillance systems to the retail market.

Under his initiative, Vector Security has identified a core product line. “Instead of offering dozens of cameras, we will offer the best ones,” said Rao.

The same is true on the DVR side. Rao said the company has partnered with a few smaller, but innovative DVR manufacturers.

“You’re blinded by 100, 200 different companies saying we’re the best,” he said.

To educate its employees, Vector Security launched a training program that not only gets installers and sales people up to speed on the company’s core products, but also certifies sales people at various levels based on their knowledge.

The expected end result, said Merrick, are not just better educated sales and installation people, but also customers. “Our idea for VectorVision was to become a true partner for our customers, not only with providing them with the right product from manufacturers, but the right level of design, expertise and follow-through information,” said Merrick.