On campus with Apx

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

PROVO, Utah--ApxAlarm is headquarted here, 20 miles south of ski country, in the second largest city in Utah. Its offices are in a new 200,000-square-foot building in a shiny industrial park surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains.
ApxAlarm's offices are clean and sleek and populated by a mostly 20-something staff, all sporting ApxAlarm polo shirts. The senior staff clearly sets a casual style--at least in dress--for employees. In a boardroom with the six-member executive team, there's not a tie in the room and chief executive officer Todd Pederson wears jeans.
Behind the casual dress and atmosphere, however, is a driven group of professionals who've put together a buttoned-down operation in an impressive new facility, all of which they're eager to show off.
The first floor data center is where customer service, retention and collections is located. Here, 230 employees use a state-of-the-art customer management system, designed by Jack Inbar, vice president of operations.
Inbar designed the system to so customers would have a single point of contact with Apx. It "integrates several different systems included, but not limited to, credit bureaus, central station, accounting software, our call recording and our entire phone switch," he said. "Eight to 10 different systems are dealt with seamlessly through our CMS. We have to do that; we can't waste time," Inbar said.
Employees conduct the pre- and post-installation surveys with potential customers; color-coded statistics that describe what's going on with calls in real time are projected up on the wall; another handwritten poster tallies call center statistics.
The rest of the offices are on the second floor. There's a boardroom near the reception area and a wing that houses a large sales office that during the non-selling season is used for recruiting events and training. Also in this wing is a recreation and dining room with a pool and ping-pong table that has the casual feel of a lounge in a college dormitory.
The executive offices line the back of a second wing, with tall windows framing big, up-close views of Mt. Timpanogas. It's a view some might find inspiring.