Checkpoint Systems' Retail Monitoring Center goes Five Diamond

Nation's only exclusively retail central values certification
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

THOROFARE, N.J.—Checkpoint Systems operates a little outside of the traditional security sphere, but has taken a very traditional approach to making sure that its exclusively retail monitoring center meets the highest of standards.

A global supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, Checkpoint announced April 6 it had received the Central Station Alarm Association’s Five Diamond Certification designation for its Retail Monitoring Center. Checkpoint’s Retail Monitoring Center provides retailers across the nation with around-the-clock alarm dispatching, video verification, and related call center services by certified, experienced operators. The Center is the only one in the nation that is dedicated exclusively to the needs of retailers.

According to Steve White, VP and GM of Checkpoint’s Checkview business unit, this is Checkpoint’s first time being certified Five Diamond. “We pursued this really as part of our continuing effort to upgrade the services we provide and to support standardized training,” White said. “Our program, as you can imagine, is highly-tailored to serve retail, so we already had what we thought of as a high-performing monitoring center, but we saw Five Diamond as a way to further enhance that.”

White feels the certification not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to the best practices of the industry in general but also speaks to Checkpoint’s specialized retail client niche about the company’s commitment to excellence. “Serving retailers exclusively has really forced us to adapt normal central station protocols for large numbers of sites that have similar needs but across a number of customers. It poses a challenge for any monitoring center to manage that well,” White said. “For us Five Diamond is a chance for us to really go to our retail partners and tell a complete story about the type of program we can offer.”