Contigo, Dewalt partner for GPS

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Contigo, a provider of GPS tracking devices and services, told Security Systems News in March it has formed a partnership with Dewalt, a manufacturer of industrial power tools and equipment. Contigo, formerly Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems, will integrate Dewalt’s Mobilelock, a GPS tracking beacon designed to protect and monitor construction sites and equipment, into its multi-product GPS platform.
The partnership has been in the works for about a year and will officially be announced at ISC West in April, said Rob Goehring, co-founder and vice president of product management and marketing at Contigo. “With our current product suite we enable central stations to offer GPS services for asset tracking, and now we’ll also be able to offer a construction site security device using Dewalt’s Mobilelock device,” said Goehring. “Dewalt has selected us as their only other provider that will integrate the Mobilelock device and create a resell channel through the security industry.”
Dewalt’s Mobilelock device, which launched at ISC East 2006 and teamed with C.O.P.S. as a monitoring partner at ISC West 2007 (search “Dewalt” at, offers its customers a Web site to track the device as well as alarm features such as tamper and motion alerts, which can be monitored from an outside party or sent directly to customers via cell phone and email messages.
“Contigo’s bringing a lot of expertise to the party on how to sell trackers, how to make the right system for their customers and customize the network connection to meet those applications,” said Bill Pugh, director of sales and marketing at Dewalt. “Their expertise is in Web integration and network connection and providing an integrated solution.”
Contigo will integrate Dewalt’s device into its platform network and make the Dewalt product available for resale by its customers. “Customers that use the Contigo platform to resell GPS can now also resell the Dewalt product, earn RMR and monitor it through their central station,” said Goehring. SSN