CRC offers GE Interlogix discounts

Friday, August 1, 2003

AUSTIN, Minn. - Through an agreement with GE Interlogix Inc., Cooperative Resources Center Inc., a contract central station here, will be able to offer its customers discounts on security- and life safety-related equipment packages.

According to John Sola, the company’s vice president of marketing, CRC adopted the program after researching some of the more popular technologies its customers use.

“In a nutshell it offers a very deep discount on certain product packages from GE to our customers,” he said. “We’re not buying accounts or anything like that. This is strictly related to discounts on a handful of targeted packages, which we find to have been most popular with our customers.”

Among the equipment packages CRC is promoting to its customers are the Simon platform and CareGard. Simon is used for smaller residential and commercial monitoring, while CareGard provides medical response monitoring. Sola said medical monitoring is among the most popular security and life safety services CRC currently offers its customers.

“We see that as a growing market,” he said.

In addition to discounts on selected packages, GE Interlogix will offer extensive training and technical support for dealers seeking to enter the security market. This, Sola said, was a key differentiator in CRC’s decision-making process.

“GE Interlogix’s extensive training and technical support adds value to CRC and its members’ service offerings in an increasingly competitive market,” Sola said.

Since opening its UL facility in late 2001, CRC has added about 6,000 accounts, bringing its total number of monitored accounts to 15,000.

For the time being, the company does not have plans to add additional dealer programs, but Sola said that could change in the future “if the right opportunity presents itself.”