D3Data closes doors

NVR firm decides the future is elsewhere
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MILL CREEK, Wash.--D3Data, a maker of browser-based NVR software, closed its doors in August, making a “strategic shift to disband because we didn’t have enough resources to be competitive in the smart camera market,” said founder and company architect David Boyce.

He said the company started out well in the NVR market six years ago, establishing relationships with Sony, Axis, and other camera OEM companies, “driving a lot of business our way.” The company partnered with riskBloc, a Kroll-owned consultancy, in 2004, which recommend only D3Data for video surveillance. In 2005, D3Data landed a contract with the U.S. Navy.

However, “we started more recently noticing the impact analytics is making on the market,” said Boyce, “to where on-board analytics is making the camera the primary point of data collection ... We didn’t have the business expertise in-house to be able to make that switch.”

Further, “All of our time was spent on the recording solution on the network, and with the influx of hybrid DVRs, we were just seeing our market keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller. To stay competitive, we either had to sell to one of the big players or shift our focus.”

Unfortunately, a patent squabble with Vigilos left it with a licensing agreement that seemed onerous to potential buyers. That left the company with no option but to shut down, Boyce said. D3Data was small, with anywhere from three to eight employees.

In closing, the company released an unlimited version of its software, with no licensing restrictions, so current customers can expand their systems as they see fit, and D3Data partnered with IPconfigure, which will help any customers that want to migrate to other systems.