DaBo Fire looks for new deals

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

PALMETTO, Fla. - Having quadrupled revenue from 2003 to 2004, DaBo Fire Suppression Technologies looks to extend its network of fire sprinkler company contacts this year to achieve a revenue target of at least three times than that of last year.

“Last year - in 2004 - I really worked hard, and we really tried to get projects forward,” said Michael Angstadt, co-founder and president at DaBo, who declined to cite exact revenue figures. He credits the company’s success with the amount of contacts he maintains within the industry.

Angstadt keeps in communication with fire sprinkler companies within the market by stopping in to say hello and often passing along job leads. “We network with other companies because I’m not a competitor,” he said.

With a staff of three, DaBo installs gas-based, early warning fire detection and suppression systems for use in industrial, marine and telecommunications facilities. The company primarily handles retrofit work and subcontracts fire alarms installations.

Founded in June 2002, the company relocated its headquarters last fall, upgrading from a shared space with a fire sprinkler company, where it occupied 200-square-feet in St. Petersburg, Fla., to its current 1,600 square-foot location.

“I looked to relocate the business so there was no conflict of interest,” said Angstadt, citing the positives and negatives of sharing space with a sprinkler company. “We used the sprinkler company as a lead-source.”

The constant struggle the company faces is to convince potential customers of the need for early warning systems, Angstadt said. The products the company sells are not required by code, and when installation budgets get trimmed it’s usually these products that are deemed unessential.

“This is a real sales job,” said Angstadt. “I have to promote the need for these products.”