Dantel adapts product for physical security applications

Thursday, May 26, 2005

FRESNO, Calif.—Alarm monitoring and surveillance solution provider Dantel made its mark on the security industry at the ISC West show in April when it debuted its first product offering for this side of the market.
The company’s first product being marketed towards the security industry is the Disaster Resistant Event Network, a cellular-based TCP/IP solution with solar power that offers event monitoring and report capabilities for use in remote locations. According to Alan Hutcheson, president and chief executive officer at the company, there are a variety of applications the Disaster Resistant Event Network can be used for, including law enforcement agencies using it in forests and fields to detect marijuana growth and golf courses applying it to monitor vandalism.
“This product is ideal for places where data is needed to be gathered securely and reliably, but there is no infrastructure to support that gathering,” Hutcheson said.
Founded in 1971, Dantel traditionally focused on providing product solutions for facility monitoring to the telecom and utility sectors.
Hutcheson said the company began adapting its core technology to fit applications in the security market. He said the company has been working on rolling out the Disaster Resistant Event Network for five years.
“The application is only the beginning,” Hutcheson said. “There are a lot of steps we have to take to have some promise in the industry.”

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