Dayton Initiates New False Alarm Ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, July 26, 2010

DAYTON, Ohio—A July 20 story from reports Dayton has a revised false alarm ordinance that is set to take effect August 4. Those with excessive false alarms run the danger of having their service with the Dayton Police Department discontinued. The new ordinance, which does not cover panic, medical emergency or fire, was approved by the city council in May.

Additionally, all alarm owners are required to register current information with the city and pay a $10 registration fee. The fine structure imposes a $50 penalty after the third false alarm in a year, increasing in $50 increments to a maximum of $250 on the seventh. Alarm response to repeat offenders with more than seven falses in a 12-month period will be discontinued. Non-response will also result from failure to register an alarm within 90 days of installation or failure to pay fines when two or more fines are outstanding. There is also a $25 late fee for any unpaid false alarm fines.