DGA central recognizes tech convergence trend

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

New York - Serving an elite clientele and anchored in Manhattan’s Jewelry District, DGA Security Systems Inc. is opening a central monitoring station designed exclusively to meld video and security.
“This really is a next century convergence central station,” said Stanley Oppenheim, president of DGA Security. The facility has been under construction for several years, and replaces an existing central station run by the company. It reflects a huge effort on the company’s part to integrate the newest technology in a direction the industry is headed, Oppenheim said.

“Increasingly, verification is a big issue,” Oppenheim said. “Convergence between video and security provides the highest level of security system service.”

The 14,000-square-foot central station is not large by industry standards, Oppenheim said, because the DGA’s clientele are exclusive, from Manhattan jewelry companies to other high-end firms nationwide. “We are not a company that has a huge number of subscribers,” he said.

DGA Security, however, with 165 employees is the largest installer of security systems in New York, Oppenheim said. The 40-year-old company’s services include fire alarm systems, access management, vault systems, video surveillance and elevator communications systems. Increasingly, he said, customers want a number of these services on one platform.

Louis Fiore, principal of LT Fiore Inc. in New York City and chairman of the Alarm Industry Communications Committee, agreed the industry trend is to incorporate video into security systems, made easier by the spread of broadband technology. The result is a lower number of false alarms, a major goal of the committee, he said.

“More and more video is being used for verification,” Fiore said. “You basically don’t dispatch if you don’t see somebody on the premises.” Video is also finding increased application in guard tours and access control, he said.

Fiore, who toured DGA Securitys new monitoring station when it was under construction, called the facility magnificent. Another industry trend, consolidation, is resulting in larger and larger central stations. “This one is going to give better service for fewer accounts.”

DGA Security’s new central station employs the company’s proprietary Iwatch software to monitor accounts, Oppenheim said. The software selects the camera nearest to a breach zone and instantaneously relays an image to the operator. The process is automated.

Oppenheim said he expects customers will recognize the advantage of the state-of-the art technology. “Clearly, we’re positioned for growth,” Oppenheim said.