DICE's new MS SQL-powered software to debut at ISC West

Thursday, February 8, 2007

BAY CITY, Mich.--DICE Corporation announced that it will debut its new Microsoft based SQL-powered Central Station Monitoring Software at ISC West. The new software, dubbed CSMS, utilizes the latest technology inherent in Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, as well as the Microsoft .Net platform.
Lesley Guyse, chief operating officer of DICE, said "The next version of our central station software is going to be a huge leap in technology for the security industry. It's going to be significantly more advanced than anything that's out there. Others are using Windows 98 technology. Efficiency, processing, functionality: it's lightyears beyond what's out there."
Guyse mentioned that one of the greatest benefits of the new software "is that you'll be able to mine your own data. It will be easy to pick certain fields, and you won't have to have a custom report done by us internally. You'll be able to get more statistics out of your data."
The biggest change in the new system is that "it's going to be SQL-based. We will be using all the experience we've had so far in rewriting and improving the engine," said Guyse. "We'll have much more robust custom-query tools, drag-and-drop interface for making reports, a real benefit to independent central stations."
DICE also announced today that it will demo its inbound/outbound Voice Automation text-to-speech system at ISC West.