DMP secures Canadian bank

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, November 24, 2005

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--A network monitoring solution will be integrated into 1,149 branches of a Canadian bank later this year, thanks to Digital Monitoring Products and systems integrator Intercon Security.
The system, DMP XR500E, offers 128-bit encryption for IP communication to the central station. The security upgrade will provide the financial institution with a network solution.
Marc Bergeron, director of market development for banking solutions at DMP, noted that the installation project will improve communications through secure IP routing and disaster recovery paths, as well as Underwriters Laboratories of Canada-rated vault and fire protection with networked video and integrated access control.
The project includes the replacement of proprietary control panels that communicate through a multiplex security network of leased phone lines. System users will now be able to perform a variety of system functions remotely.