Emza, Bold team for WiseEye monitoring

Partnership to promote 'new revenue streams'
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BELLEVUE, Wash.--Emza Visual Sense in a Nov. 23 interview with Security Systems News revealed a monitoring partnership with Bold Technologies for the company's analytics-on-board WiseEye solution. According to Emza U.S. manager Mark Premo, the WiseEye system and partnership with Bold will allow dealers to bring video-analytics-driven, affordable security to places it hasn't been before, thereby reaping new revenue streams from untapped markets.

The WiseEye is an indoor/outdoor, wired or solar-powered Wifi visual sensor with IR illumination that uses video analytics to learn a visual scene and analyze it continuously. When a WiseEye identifies an alert condition--anything that is outside of the learned scene--it sends out metadata and verification images to the monitoring station. In a non-alert state, the WiseEye does not send images and therefore requires minimal communication bandwidth.

Premo said the partnership is all about synergy. "It's a peanut butter and chocolate situation in that we solve the problem of site detection accuracy and cost. No one else has really done that well. Either they have missed stuff--in which case they're not very accurate--or they're super expensive and therefore only the most valuable sites get anything," Premo said, noting wineries and other large land tracts with solar panels and other unguarded, expensive equipment as potential beneficiaries. "We now enable Bold's customers to start reaping new revenue streams from places that never had security in the first place. And now, not only are they getting security, but they're getting kick-ass visual detection and verification security, which is of the highest order."

Bold business development director Chuck Speck agreed the partnership would be a win-win. "As we continue gaining market share, the integration with Emza was a natural fit as our partner portfolio grows. We have a pretty wide footprint in the industry, and the partnership offers them a lot of partners to bring their product to. And at the same time it allows us to potentially work with Emza customers who haven't explored the benefits of our Manitou platform," Speck said. "Emza really has a great product. The price point that they offer does not limit the functionality and that's someone we're really happy to partner with."

What sets WiseEye apart from other monitoring solutions? According to Premo it's a combination of low-cost, ability and scalability. "It's unique. It has onboard analytics, so it's highly accurate at mitigating false positives and it's great at detecting fast-moving stuff," Premo said. "The biggest hit against every other analytics camera is that their software process is so long that they miss fast-moving events like people running through the field of view along a fence line. If you're going to install a camera for detection and it misses, that's ugly. We're also about half the price. We also see farther than traditional beam or PIR-type systems." Premo said with the proper IR illuminator the WiseEye has been able to see up to 300 feet even at night.