Entrance Controls to make IT play, logical and virtual

Monday, September 1, 2008

SEATTLE--Following years of partnership, Entrance Controls, a security systems integrator based here, is in the process of acquiring an IT integrator, as it looks to become what new vice president of sales and marketing Scott Ferguson calls “a security-focused IT company.”

Already, Entrance-which opened a Los Angeles office last year-does the full spectrum of security, Ferguson said, what the company is divvying up into physical, logical and virtual. You know what physical security entails, while logical is “data storage, we throw wireless and analytics in there, firewalls, that type of thing,” said Ferguson. While virtual encompasses “VLANs, disaster recovery, content filtering, that higher end IT world.”

He said merging with an IT integrator will “allow us to converge in a real way.” In the past, he said, Entrance Controls was similar to many security firms in that “we kept our distance” from IT security. “If someone wanted to talk security on the logical side, we’d shy away from it. So we partnered with an IT firm, and that’s why it makes sense to combine and do it all. They have Cisco- and Microsoft-certified engineers, a help desk, a whole support system, and they understand the model and speak the language.”