EODT expands security wing with James

Former Navy, Lockheed Martin vet to grow governmental, commercial operations
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. - EOD Technology, which also counts munitions response and mission support among its divisions, has hired former Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems vice president Shawn James as general manager of its Security Services business. He’s charged with converting some of EODT’s government experience into business in private industry and quasi-governmental agencies.
“There are a lot of good processes and technologies that have been developed and funded by our government,” James said, “that have applications to private industry. Maybe companies that don’t have the government service arm can’t offer that. We can adapt them to a more commercial environment so they’re applicable.”
A $200 million company, EODT began with the munitions support, then grew out of that to provide systems support in “austere environments” like Iraq.
These extreme situations are quite different from your standard critical infrastructure application stateside, James acknowledged, but “what is common are the tools that are required, things like video analytics, access control, first responder protocols, all those technology enablers.”
He said a system that performs only security functions isn’t enough for the private sector. “What I find when I talk to the private sector,” he said, “is that their number one concern is: ‘How does security enhance my operation?’ Or maybe better, how can security not hamper their operation? ... The security architecture has to meld into commerce pretty seamlessly.” SSN