ESDs’ merger creates new municipal arm

Saturday, May 1, 2004

LOWELL, Mass. - Mammoth Fire Alarms and Wright Alarms have merged to form Mammoth’s new municipal fire alarm division.

Wright Alarms’ strength has always been in municipal services, which gives Mammoth a presence within cities and towns in New England, according to Ken Beeson, Mammoth’s vice president. But with that presence comes a new responsibility, he said.

“If you’re doing the municipal work in the town, the fire department knows you, knows you have a good reputation, which forces us to do a good job because the converse of that could also be true,” Beeson said. “It assures that you’re included in the list of companies that provide fire alarms when someone wants to build in a town.”

Beeson said the two companies have been aware of each other for a number of years and decided earlier this year that a merger would be mutually beneficial.

“Mammoth is in growth mode and it just appeared to the two principals that it was the right time that they got together,” Beeson said.

As for product lines, Wright Alarms brings its King Fisher, Keltron and M&K lines to the existing Fire Control Instruments, Mircom, Gamewell and GE lines that Mammoth already provides.

Allen Wright of Wright Alarms will join Mammoth’s management team and will head up the new Municipal Fire Alarm Division.

Mammoth employs about 60 and services New England and western New York. The electronic systems distribution and service company has a central station and provides monitoring services for its customers. Beeson said the company started its own central station mainly for fire but now offers alarm monitoring services as well.

“Very often monitoring services don’t understand the differences and the nuances of monitoring fire versus residential security systems, so we started our own,” he said.

Beeson said customers of both companies will see no interruption in service from the merger.