ESX features experienced business leaders

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
BALTIMORE--Organizers of the 2009 ESX show “worked very hard this year to increase the number of peer-to-peer presentations,” said John Lombardi, president of CIA Security and chair of the ESX Program Advisory Committee, in a prepared statement.
In a two-part session, Anatomy of a Transaction, CSAA president Bud Wulforst, former owner of A-1 Security, and John Lombardi, share the perspectives of an experienced seller and buyer.
ASG Security vice president of human resources Aggie Hassan and ADS Security president John Cerasuolo share the policies and programs required to recruit, hire, train, motivate and develop a high-performance team in Building Your Human Capital.
In Establishing & Monitoring Key Performance Indicators, Jeff Hoffman, CFO of Vector Security, and Ralph Masino, CFO of ASG Security, cover key business metrics. 
In Evolving Your Company: Stages of Growth, George De Marco, former owner of Greater Alarm of Los Angeles, Alan Kruglak, owner of Genesis Security and former owner of Glenn Industrial Communications, and Ed Bonifas, vice president of Alarm Detection Systems of Aurora, cover the keys to successfully evolving a company from start-up to well-managed mid-size and beyond.