ESX is topic of conversation at NBFAA meeting

Thursday, November 1, 2007

NEW YORK--It was standing room only at the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association's "associate member luncheon," which took place in a meeting room Sept. 11 at the Jacob Javits Center during ISC East. The main topic of conversation was the upcoming Electronic Security Expo, scheduled for the end of June in Nashville.
NBFAA president George Gunning expressed surprise and satisfaction with the large assembled crowd and promised a "larger room with windows next year." The ESX show is being co-sponsored by the NBFAA and the CSAA (search "NBFAA and CSAA to team" at
Since the show was announced this summer, Gunning has frequently talked about the concept of ESX being unique because it will be put on for the industry, by the industry, instead of being sponsored by an outside for-profit group. That theme seemed to resound with those at the meeting (integrators and manufacturers), who talked about the importance of keeping accommodations affordable for the many small alarm companies and dealers who will benefit from the educational offerings and networking at this show. Gunning noted that the show was designed and the locale chosen with just this in mind.
Nashville is not one of the larger convention sites and is less expensive than traditional locales like Las Vegas or Orlando.