Extreme CCTV strikes deal with imaging company

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, June 26, 2003

June 26, 2003

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Infrared camera supplier Extreme CCTV has forged a business partnership with a Quebec City company that will add to Extreme CCTV's presence in the night vision video surveillance products, company officials said Tuesday.

In tandem with a $7 million investment in Obzerv Technologies by Extreme CCTV, a commercial partnership between the two companies could include the licensing of Obzerv's night vision technologies, joint development of products to be sold by Extreme and an OEM arrangement where Extreme would sell products that incorporated Obzerv's technology.

What's appealing to Extreme CCTV officials, said Jack Gin, president and chief executive officer of Extreme, is Obzerv's DALIS laser illuminator, which Extreme intends to incorporate into its high-end surveillance products as part of the partnership. Officials said that will help to differentiate Extreme's "highest value" products in their key markets, according to a press release.

A spin-off of National Optics Institute, or INO, a Canadian non-profit optics and photonics expertise center, Obzerv has already achieved initial system-level sales of its flagship product, the ATV2000i, to government agencies and other distribution agreements with other contractors. The ATV2000i performs range-gated long-range night vision functions, such as license plate reading, human recognition and vehicle classification.