EyeNet enrolls in partnership with the University of Illinois

Thursday, May 26, 2005

CRESTWOOD, Ill.—EyeNet Enforcement Systems partnered with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign this month to jointly develop an intelligent security camera platform for commercial applications.
The two organizations seek to deliver a system that can identify, record and report suspicious people and vehicles. Features of the system will include logging license plate numbers, make, model and colors of questionable cars and trucks.
The University of Illinois brings its self-aiming camera software to the partnership that can be deployed to receive and process input from multiple sensors. The platform can be programmed to detect and track suspicious objects.
EyeNet, which primarily focuses on digital enforcement systems, brings to the deal vehicle license plate recognition software that locates and identifies stationary and moving objects. Its software can be used to scan for characters such as letters and numbers.
The first commercial applications developed through the partnership are expected to reach market within six months, said Thomas Tarach, president of EyeNet.
“We’re coming up with options that can be used by law enforcement and security (firms) much more effectively,” commented Tarach on the partnership between the University and the company.
EyeNet first brought its vehicle tracking software to the United States in March. The technology was developed by Hong Kong-based Asia Vision, which signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the company for the U.S. market.
Once developed, the University of Illinois intends to license its software to EyeNet. Tarach said the company will not hold exclusive rights to the technology, but “we certainly have the ability to have distribution rights to specific marketing areas.”

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