False alarm ordinance watch

SSN Staff  - 
Sunday, May 1, 2005

Allentown, Penn.
The Pennsburg borough council stiffened the town's false dispatch ordinance in April. Under the new ordinance, there will not be a charge for the first two violations, but for the third false alarm a $250 charge will be in place. The fees will increase with a fourth violation resulting in a $500 fine and the fifth, $750. The violation fee will be capped at $1,000 with the sixth violation, reported The Morning Call.
The council said that the changes are for fee services, not a penalty.
Middletown, R.I.
Middletown police proposed that the town adopt a policy for false alarms. A draft of the ordinance will be presented to the council at an upcoming meeting, reported The Newport Daily News.
Under the policy, there would be no fee for burglar alarm permits to home and business owners. Three false alarms over a six-month period would not result in a penalty, but a fourth would net a $50 fine. For a fifth false alarm, the fine would increase to $75 for a residence and $200 for a business, and $100 for each subsequent false alarm for a private home and $500 for a business.
When police respond to an alarm, the owners would receive a copy of the new rules along with a registration card to fill out.