Fire Dept. will assess new fines for false alarms

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LINCOLN, Ill.—An Aug. 2 story from the Lincoln Courier reports a new false fire alarm ordinance regulating fees administered by the Lincoln Fire Department won approval Aug. 1 during a Lincoln City Council meeting. The fees are being implemented to help reduce false alarm calls and to generate some compensation for the department’s cost of various runs.

The false fire alarm ordinances imposes a fine after the department has received three false-alarm calls at the same location within a year. For residences, the fine would be $50 for each false alarm up to 10 in a year, and $150 for each call over 10. For commercial facilities the fine would be $100 for each false alarm up to and including six within a year, $200 for each false alarm up to 10, and $300 for each false alarm above 10.