Five Questions: Cody Flood

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cody Flood was newly named senior director of sales for the United States and Canada, Arcules, innovators of integrated video cloud as a service. “As we add more key features to our service, Cody and the sales organization will be pivotal in establishing Arcules as the leading provider of integrated cloud services,” Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules, said in a release. Security Systems News was glad to have Flood participate in our monthly series.

Are you married? Any kids?
Yes; I met my wife when we were 16 years old; we’ve been married for 7.5 years and have two children: Carter, 5, and Vivienne, 3.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have a dog, Hank, a German Shepherd/Black Labrador mix; he will be 10 years old this summer. He was named after Henrik Lundqvist, the goalie for the New York Rangers. We also have a goldfish, Garfield, that we won at a carnival. He’s still going strong more than a year later.

Where are you from originally and how does that compare to where you live now?
I was born in Queens, N.Y.; my parents moved us to Orange County, N.Y., a very rural community, which was a shock to the system and wildly different than what I was used to. I later moved back to the city, but once my son was born, my wife and I moved back to Orange County for the slower pace and to be closer to family.

Is there something interesting that your coworkers might not know about you? 
Two things actually: despite working in the security technology industry, the only home security system I have is Hank and I do not have any personal social media accounts (outside of LinkedIn for business).

How did you first get started in the industry?
A recruiter reached out for a position, which ultimately wasn’t a good fit. She offered another most people turned down because new hires trained in Germany for a month. For me, that was a selling point. I ended up going to Germany and back within a 24-hour timeframe for an interview, and shortly thereafter, I went for training. I’ve been in the industry ever since.