Focus on RMR

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

WESTMINSTER, Colo.—Integrator Support, a company created by the heads of PSA Security, has entered the market as a central station offering two opportunities for integrators to create new streams of recurring monthly revenue. Led by president Jim Taylor, former owner and president of integrator White & Associates Electronics, and chairman Bill Bozeman, president of PSA Security, the company allows integrators to resell interactive video monitoring and to begin an equipment rental program.
“Integrator Support exists to bring services to systems integrators that they can resell on an RMR basis,” said Taylor of the company’s focused mission.
The interactive video monitoring it offers will allow integrators to take existing IP surveillance systems and enable them for virtual guard tours. “We want to be as vendor neutral as we can,” said Taylor, “dealing with existing equipment ... We just want a static IP address on site, and then we take the video back in.” All compatible equipment will be listed on the Web site, where Integrator Support will also host sales materials and spec sheets that integrators can customize with their logos.
Similarly, the packages for getting integrators started on leasing are all hosted at the Web site, which has a calculator for lease quotes that can be put into an outside estimation program or which can be printed as part of a proposal right off the site, again with customizable letterhead.
Further, like and similar services, integrators can monitor what proposals have been generated by which of their sales people, and can break reports out by branch or territory.
Taylor said manufacturers and industry honchos have been preaching these kinds of RMR generators for years, but most small integrators don’t have the time to ramp up all the support pieces needed to start offering video monitoring or leasing. This is a solution he, himself, would have liked to have available when he was running his own business.
And, he said, the remote guarding market is real: “It appears that the guarding industry is about maybe a $40-to-50 billion industry,” he said, “and estimates say that about 20 percent of that could be more effectively done by remote guarding. So, is that about a $10 billion market? But as the cost of this comes down, there’s probably a market equal to that of people who would utilize this if it were more affordable. So we look at it as $10-to-20 billion market. It looks like large numbers, potentially.”