Following lawsuit, Legacy Security is up and running

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Members of the Few family confirmed with Security Systems News on Feb. 19 that Legacy Security Services, formerly named King Monitoring Group, is “definitely in operation as a fully UL-certified central station,” according to Jeff Few, who, along with siblings Robert and Kathleen, runs operations at Legacy.
“We actually went into operation on August 9, 2007, but didn’t officially open until September 1,” said Jeff Few, who heads the sales and financial end of Legacy. “Since then, we’re currently monitoring about 20,000 subscribers,” he said.
Questions of Legacy’s operation status arose following a lawsuit filed in July 2007 by IASG against Legacy/KMG for trademark infringement violations. (For more about this story search “Legal battle between IASG and KMG ends in settlement” at The lawsuit ended in November following an undisclosed out-of-court settlement agreement between the two parties.
In regard to the lawsuit, Few said it was not something he wanted to “necessarily comment on,” but did say he was “glad it’s over.” However, Few did confirm that the company changed its name from King Monitoring Group to Legacy Security Services as a result of the lawsuit, saying, “We weren’t married to the name.”
Robert Few, who is in charge of the company’s overall operations, said the Few siblings, including sister Kathleen who heads the customer service end of the business, chose the name Legacy Security Services as a tribute to their father, Tom Few, Sr., who died on July 19, 2007, and was a long-standing and influential member of the security industry. “We wanted to carry on his legacy and carry on his business and pay homage to him,” he said. SSN