Frisco to begin enforcing false alarm ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FRISCO, Texas—The frisco-online website on Feb. 5 reported that beginning on March 1 the Frisco Police Department would enforce a new city ordinance regulating residential and business alarms. The Frisco City Council passed the new ordinance near the end of 2009, but enforcement of the new regulations and fees have not yet been enforced as city officials wished to allow both residents and businesses to meet compliance prior to active enforcement by the police department.


The new ordinance requires a $35 annual fee for residential and business alarms and incorporates a new fee schedule for excessive false alarms. The fee schedule is as follows: $50 for more than three but fewer than six false burglar alarms; $75 for more than five but fewer than eight false burglar alarms; and $100 for more than eight false burglar alarms.


Response by Frisco police officers to more than two false robbery, fire, panic, or emergency medical assistance alarms in a 12-month period preceding the last false alarm will incur a $75 fine for each subsequent false alarm. Additionally, alarm permit holders are required to supply alarm companies with three names and telephone numbers of contacts who are able to respond to a false alarm, and failure by the alarm permit holder or the three contacts to respond within 30 minutes of a false alarm may result in a $50 fine. PMAM Corporation, a third party partner specializing in false alarm management solutions, will manage the Frisco alarm program.


For more information on the new alarm ordinance or to view it in its entirety, please visit or contact the police department¡¦s Records Division at 972.292.6000.