GE Interlogix realigns

Saturday, June 1, 2002

NORTH ST. PAUL, Minn.-GE Interlogix is in the midst of a reorganization that includes focusing on two business divisions, residential and commercial, instead of focusing on the company's product lines when delivering solutions to customers.

The changes, said Duane Paulson, vice president of strategic marketing for GE Interlogix, will help the company become more in tune to its customers.

"Our customers by and large think of themselves as being in the residential or commercial business and we were more organized around managing product lines," said Paulson. "This gives us more of a focus on how our products or services are used at the point of a sale."

Anne Witkavitch, spokesperson for GE Industrial Systems, concurred.

"We realigned some of the management responsibilities in order to assure we're being customer centric," she said.

One change included Brian McCarthy, who was chief executive officer of the Americas Group, moving to a position now called vice president of technology and business strategy.

"This role for Brian is really intended to help us focus on the most cutting edge technology available," said Paulson.

Other changes included about dozen layoffs, mostly affecting the company's marketing and communications department.