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Thursday, March 1, 2007

NBFAA goal: four new bills before ISC West
John Chwat, legislative advocate for the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association said the NBFAA is pursuing sponsors for "at least four major legislative initiatives in both houses of Congress and I anticipate that these four bills will be introduced before ISC West." The bills have to do with life safety, fire alarms, security systems taxes and background checks.

Industry comes at FCC from legislative side
While industry groups and companies such as ADT and AICC are working with the Federal Communications Commission to try to convince the FCC to rollback the date for the AMPS sunset for two years beyond the present February 2008 deadline, industry lobbyists such as Chwat and others are "trying to involve Congress in the issue to support the industry petition to extend the deadline." Chwat said the effort involves working with veteran lawmakers who, with the new Democratic majority in both houses, are new chairs of important committees, such as congressmen Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and John Dingle, (D-Mich.), and Sen. Dan Inoye (D-Hawaii).

Now's the time for coalition building
The NBFAA is also working with a coalition to repeal a provision in the tax law that would require those who do business with state and local governments (including security companies) to pay an extra tax. Chwat now has a seat at the table of a new coalition of those involved with the construction industry (including architects, builders and subcontractors) who work together on issues of common interest.