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SSN Staff  - 
Friday, September 1, 2006

All nursing homes in Louisiana are required to install automatic sprinkler systems by Jan. 1, 2008, under a new bill, HB 204, sponsored by Rep. Willie Hunter, D-Monroe and signed into law by Gov. Kathleen Blanco in July. According to the Times Picayune, the Legislative Fiscal Office estimated that 69 of the state's 275 nursing homes will have to install or upgrade their sprinkler systems.

With the possibility that the California Legislature may act on one or more pending pieces of RFID legislation before it adjourns in September, Richard Chase, executive director of the Security Industry Association sent on Aug. 3 a letter opposing the legislation to Sen. Joe Simitian, a proponent of limiting some RFID technology. SIA is concerned about four bills: SB 768, the Identity Information Protection Act of 2005, and three other related bills (Senate bills 432, 682 and 1078). "The main bill 768 has passed out of committee in the Assembly [the lower chamber of the Calif. Legislature] and the Senate," said Chris Kennedy, manager of media relations and communications for SIA, "but it hasn't been scheduled for a vote in either chamber" as of early August. Kennedy further noted that Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger hadn't taken a position on the legislation. At that time, Kennedy said there was still hope for further negotiations, but the SIA believes there certainly is the possibility that this legislation could pass. "Privacy concerns related to surveillance are certainly in vogue right now," Kennedy said. "So the SIA wanted to act decisively to let California lawmakers know what the inherent dangers are of too rash and too hasty an action."


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