The great outdoors, with SightLogix and Proximex

Monday, December 1, 2008

PRINCETON, N.J. and SUNNYVALE, Calif.--Outdoor-optimized camera maker SightLogix and PSIM software maker Proximex announced a partnership in October that’s designed to provide an easier-to-use outdoor security management system. SightLogix’s cameras, which carry onboard analytics for detecting threats from a distance in all weather conditions, will now integrate with Proximex’s Surveillant software, which provides the user with a way of gathering together information from many disparate pieces of the security system architecture.

Both companies note their use of Geographic Information Systems data, so that SightLogix cameras will be able pinpoint an object’s geographic location and the Proximex software displays that information so end users can understand better where threats are in relation to the resources available to mitigate those threats.

“I’m particularly excited about the integrating of the GIS information,” said Proximex CEO Jack Smith, “The SightLogix system can tell Surveillint where the intruder is; we can then go and control the PTZ camera, in a legacy video system on the edge of the building, and the system can point that camera and track it as it moves.”

“Then,” he continued, “you can deny access to a part of the building, notify guards, prepare a response, etc. With GIS information, you get where is it happening in addition to what is happening-SightLogix is, we feel, the leader in this area.”

“Humans can now make good decisions about where to apply force,” agreed Jon Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “This equipment is going to give you much higher reliability and drive accountability across the enterprise. You can’t say you don’t know where it is anymore.”

Further, both companies emphasized, setting up the software and the rest of the system now doesn’t require a great deal of integration or calibration.

“Anyone who can use Microsoft Word, they can install this software, this is inherent in our architecture,” said Smith.