Group 4 Securitas adopts Amag name

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

TORRANCE, Calif. - Nearly a decade after adopting its parent company’s name, Group 4 Securitas Technology Corp. is taking on its long-standing brand name to identify itself.
The company will now be known as Amag Technology, which not only serves as the name of its line of access control products, but is also a play on the company’s original name of American Magnetics.

“So much of the world recognizes the brand name,” said Robert Sawyer, president and chief executive officer of the access control and enterprise security systems company.

The company changed its name in the early 1990s after it was acquired by the Danish firm, Group 4 Falck. But even though the company took on a new name at that time, 10 years later many customers continued to refer to the company as either American Magnetics or Amag.

“The industry has always known us as Amag even as we applied effort to changing the branding strategy,” concurred Ken Francis, vice president of sales and marketing for Amag. “The industry was very hesitant to let go of the Amag name.”

While bringing on the new name is expected to be a seamless transition, it also serves to clear up any confusion in terms of the identity of the company. Because Group 4 also included the name Securitas, some people in the industry thought the company was associated with that of Swedish company, Securitas.

“When people first heard the word Securitas, that often confused people, particularly in the United States,” said Sawyer. However, in other parts of the world, the Securitas name is common, he said.

Company officials announced the new name at ISC West in Las Vegas, including unveiling a new logo for the company. While the Amag Technology name may be new, the company’s focus, said Sawyer, remains the same.

“We intend to stay in the forefront of technological advances in the industry,” said Sawyer. “The word technology is meant to portray that.”