GSA deploys Verint solution

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

WASHINGTON - The United States General Services Administration has deployed Verint Systems Inc.’s Loronix Digital Solutions to enhance security at its facilities across the country.

Headquartered here, the GSA is the centralized procurement and property management agency of the federal government. It acquires, on behalf of other agencies, information technology, telecommunications, office space, equipment, supplies and services. About 14,000 people work in the GSA’s headquarters and 11 regional offices around the United States.

Using Loronix, the GSA will be able to network video across its multiple locations and apply content analytics to extract actionable intelligence from video in real time. This, in turn, will allow monitoring personnel to alert security personnel to potential threats.

According to Dan Bodner, president and chief executive officer of Verint, the company has worked with government agencies in the past and will continue to seek out contracts such as this one with the GSA.