High five: Infinova staffs to meet goals

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N.J. - Preparing to achieve its goal of being one of the top five manufacturers in the security products arena within the next five years, Infinova is increasing its staffing to meet its growing business.

The company, a manufacturer of CCTV and fiber optics communication systems, experienced its business double over the past 12 months. To keep up with the growth, the company is actively adding to its sales and engineering staffs. The company currently employs approximately 275 worldwide, having added 100 to its ranks over the course of 2004.

“We are making investments to get where we want to go and the investments are in people first,” said Joseph Moore, director of global marketing and business development at the company.

The company’s goal to be a top five security supplier may seem lofty, but according to Moore it fits in with the company’s attitude.

“Having a smaller goal wouldn’t be as interesting,” Moore said.

But even Moore knows that the company has to meet a number of sales hurdles before being listed next to larger organizations such as Honeywell, Pelco and Panasonic.

“It creates a real challenge for us because those companies have great resources,” he said.

The increase in staffing is adding to the company’s resources when it comes to its infrastructure, which in the long term will help it compete with the larger entities in the market.

One thing in particular sets Infinova apart from its competitors both large and small.

“We are a relatively small company offering a broad range of products,” said Jeffrey Liu, president and chief executive officer at the company. “It’s not like other small companies who offer a niche product.”

Liu said the company is also willing to customize its products for certain projects - something larger companies may balk at.

The company is also a frontrunner in providing hybrid analog IP-based products.

“We are unique in the industry when it comes to those products,” said Robert Klein, vice president of sales.

Some of the problems the company tackles have to do with others comparing the company’s size to its product line. Moore said getting out and actively marketing the Infinova name is a large part of the business plan.

“Coming out with an innovative product and then having the people to provide the sales and technical support are important,” he said. “Of course, getting the word out is a major challenge whenever you are a lesser known competitor to those entrenched companies.”

But Liu mentioned the market is ripe for organizations looking to make a name for themselves.

“The market is so big,” Liu said. “I think there is a lot of room for good companies to grow.”