Honeywell brand sticks

Ademco taps into the prominent name
Friday, August 1, 2003

SYOSSET, N.Y. - It’s been three and a half years since Honeywell bought Ademco and several other companies that were once part of The Pittway Group, but it’s not until now that the well-known Honeywell name will be touted on certain security products.

Company officials announced in July that Ademco will begin incorporating the Honeywell name on its products and marketing materials. Whether additional brands, such as Northern Computers, will follow suit was unclear. Details about when and if this would happen were not available.

“We’ve been hearing from dealers that they like the Honeywell brand and they’d like us to use it on our products,” said David Gottlieb, vice president of global marketing and communications for the Honeywell Security Group.

While Ademco products have yet to be manufactured incorporating the Honeywell name, dealers in the meantime will be furnished with labels carrying the Honeywell name that can be placed over the current Ademco name. Dealers will also be able to use the Honeywell name in their marketing materials to the consumer.

Capitalizing on the Honeywell name makes sense, said security industry analyst John Mack, president of consulting and mergers and acquisition firm USBX Advisory Services.

“It’s very good for the industry,” said Mack, about companies like Honeywell being in the security industry and the promotion of such a well-known name. “The fact that the industry sees names like GE and Honeywell and others is very positive.”

Why it has taken so long for Honeywell and its security product manufacturing companies to incorporate the well-known name is unclear.

Gottlieb said Ademco is one of the strongest recognized brands among security dealers and the decision to add the Honeywell name was not taken lightly. “I don’t expect the Ademco name is going to go away,” said Gottlieb. “It’s a name that security dealers have used for over 70 years, but we also recognize that Honeywell is a valuable brand name and we want to make sure our dealers recognize that.”

Honeywell’s decision to tout its name on security products sold through the security dealer channel comes at an important time in the security market. General Electric’s entrance into the security market marked yet another addition of a company well-known to the general consumer population.

While GE is known for its appliances, Honeywell is largely known by consumers for its thermostats and HVAC systems.