How the Web can help the security industry

The time has come for even the smallest integrator or alarm company to have an Internet presence
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The Internet has been growing at a staggering rate and shows no signs of slowing down. It is a fact that more and more small businesses have a presence on the Web. The main reason for this growth is the fact that, increasingly, people are turning to the Internet to find information. They expect to find your business on the Web and it's great for your image when they find you online.


On the Web, everyone is forced to use the same web page size to display information. The small business owner has the opportunity to be on equal ground with the largest of companies. No matter how much money you have to invest in a web site, the visitor still sees what you have to offer, a single page at a time. So, in other words, everyone gets the same opportunity to make a good impression.


The main reason for having a web site is: You're open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a web site, the time of day just doesn't matter. "Visitors" can come to your site whenever they want. You can make your products, services or information available to them day and night. Using search engines and online directories, visitors can find your web site in seconds, no matter where they are. With a sound online marketing strategy and a web site designed to improve your ability to market, you as a dealer can increase your customer base.


In comparison to traditional advertising, the cost of building and maintaining a web site is very low. A great web site production can cost less than an ad in a magazine. What is so unique about a web site is that it doesn't become outdated and cannot get thrown in the trash. It's always available. Besides that, having a web site is a great way to supplement your current advertising. By showing the Internet address in other forms of advertising media, you let your customers know exactly where they can go to get more information about your business right away.
The business opportunities are endless. Visitors to your web site can print anything that appears on their screen. You can share an endless amount of information, such as product literature, specifications, pictures, diagrams, assembly instructions, etc. The amount of information you can share on the web is unlimited.
One leading worldwide manufacturer of security products, which carries a full range of wired and wireless alarm control panels, access control systems, intrusion alarm detectors and unique outdoor sensors, wanted to increase its online presence and generate greater traffic to their new web site. In order to achieve those goals, it advertised in major search engines and with major industry information sites.
The Results? The campaign that started in November 2005 was a huge success. Usually, for the security business, November through January are considered slow months. In this case it was the opposite. During the campaign, the company increased traffic to its web site by more than 80 percent and the increase of unique visitors who visited the web site also reflected greater sales for the company. Sales increased by 15 percent in these months, year to year.
The Internet can help the security industry and especially small businesses such as installers and dealers to gain more revenues and awareness from individuals. Having a web site is affordable, provides great exposure and can increase your bottom line.


Sagi Gordon is chief executive officer of Triple-E Software, in New York City. As you might expect, he has a web site: