HSM buys Intruder Detection

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

FAIRVIEW, N.J.--HSM increased its density in the Northern New Jersey and New York City market as a result of its Sept. 15 acquisition of Intruder Detection Systems.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but HSM regional vice president Ed Pederson said the acquisition brings with it 350 accounts and $23,000 in RMR. The majority of accounts are commercial and "the top 10 accounts make up about 40 percent of the RMR," he said.
Pederson called Intrusion Detection an "established company that did a great job with its customers." HSM liked the company's mix of business and said its location near HSM's South Plainfield branch will increase "word-of-mouth and referral" business in this important metropolitan area.
HSM has 50 offices serving more than 100 of the country's largest metropolitan markets and 175,000 national accounts, commercial and residential customers.
"We were also able to add technical talent to our team as well," Pederson noted. Two former Intrusion Detection technicians will join HSM.
Contacted by Security Systems News, Jack DiCristofalo, former owner of Intrusion Detection Services, was obviously enjoying his semi-retirement, and he had some tongue-in-cheek answers ready for a reporter.
DiCistofalo said he was "absolutely not" going to continue to work in the security industry. Why'd he sell? "I had 23 years in the business, and I was tired," he said, laughing. And why'd he sell to HSM? "They came up with the cash," DiCristofalo said.