Huntersville, N.C. enacts false alarm ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, May 24, 2010

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C.--A May 23 story from the Charlotte Observer reported the town of Huntersville has begun a false alarm reduction program and adopted an ordinance requiring police to track false alarms and to charge alarm users fees to recover the cost of false alarms.

According to the police department’s website, the program sent letters to local residents in April, requesting verification of their service addresses. Residents also received a registration form. The town requires all alarm systems to be registered through the Huntersville false alarm reduction program.

Many local alarm providers are working with the town to help register customer alarms. The alarm user, however, is responsible for registering his or her system.

Alarm permits are $10 each and are valid for 12 months after the date they are registered. Registered alarm users are allowed two false-alarm responses. For the third through fifth false alarms, users will pay $50 per response. The fee increases to $100 for the sixth and seventh false alarms. The eighth and ninth will cost $250 per response, and the 10th and subsequent will cost the user $500 per response.

If the user does not pay the alarm fines within 30 days of getting notice of the fine, police will place the system on a don not respond list until all fines are paid.