IBM lands 2008 Olympics contract

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

BEIJING—The 2008 Olympics, to be held here this coming summer, have announced it will be employing IBM’s S3 surveillance system as part of its combined security efforts. The system will reportedly be used to scan video images of city streets, looking for “everything from troublemakers to terrorists.”
S3 uses analytic tools to index digital video recordings and then issue real-time alerts when certain behaviors are detected. For example, security guards will be alerted when a person enters a restricted area.
No financial terms were released in connection with the announcement.
In other IBM news, its S3 system is also being employed by the city of Chicago, as part of its deployed IP surveillance system, and as part of a planned deployment of IP surveillance in lower Manhattan, New York, New York. No timeframe was reported for the New York installation.