iConnect is newest DIY-or-not security system

Monday, September 1, 2008

PETACH TIKVAH, Israel--Electronics Line 3000, a well-established technology firm based here, will launch iConnect, its complete residential security solution, in the United States this month. It will be available through Electronics Line USA, its Denver-based U.S. subsidiary.

IConnect, is a complete system, which includes “stylish, Bang and Olufsen-style,” panel and components, according to Electronics Line 3000 CEO and president Amir Hayek. It offers interactive remote management applications so homeowners can be connected to their homes “anywhere, anytime.” The system can send homeowners text and email notifications, and homeowners can send text commands and requests for updates.

In addition, the GSM, Ethernet and GPRS versions of iConnect “incorporate a dedicated Web-user interface for interactive, online sytem and home automation control with video look-in.”

The system can be professionally monitored or self-monitored and can be self-installed as well, said Hayek. “If you know how to replace a battery in a cell phone, you can install this yourself.”

Electronics Line is marketing the system to installing and monitoring companies, who can privately label the system. Hayek called it “not only a security product that provides peace of mind, but a lifestyle tool.”

Installers who market the product, he said, “can generate more revenue, enhance their brand, and increase [customer] retention.” Because all of the components can be privately labeled, including the Web interfaces, emails and text notifications, the installer can interact with customers for reasons other than security. For example, they can offer homeowners information about new products or services. They can start on-line communities and provide information about any topic, a sports team for example.

“The sky is the limit for what you can do with this kind of system marketing-wise,” Hayek said.

The broadband version of the product is expected to be available this month. The GPRS system is available now in Europe, and will be available in the U.S., upon approval by Underwriters Laboratories, likely in the next few months.