IMS compares ONVIF/PSIA market shares

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WELLINGBOROUGH, UK—IMS Research released a study this week looking at the relative market shares held by the member companies of the two leading organizations pushing IP video standards: ONVIF and PSIA. ONVIF was founded by Axis, Bosch and Sony. The PSIA had more of an organic beginning, with a meeting organized by market researcher David Bunzel at the 2008 TechSec Solutions conference.

IMS found that ONVIF’s members represent “a significantly larger slice of the video surveillance equipment market,” and that size advantage grows if you look at nothing but IP surveillance products and sales.

Specifically, ONVIF members command 40 percent of the overall video surveillance market, defined as everything from cameras to lenses to housings to DVRs, software, and encoders, inclusive of IP products. PSIA members are at roughly 25 percent.

When you are specific to IP products, including cameras, encoders, video management software, and boxed/appliance NVRs, the advantage for ONVIF moves to 60 percent to 20 percent.

Much of the latter stat might be explained by IP camera market leader Axis being a founding ONVIF member.

There is also, however, significant overlap, according to Alastair Hayfield, a senior research analyst with IMS. “For total video surveillance, the overlap is approximately 12 percent of the total market,” he said in an email. “For IP video surveillance, the overlap is approximately 14 percent.” As just one notable example, Cisco is a member of both organizations.

Also, it should be noted that component manufacturers and analytics makers were not included in the overall totals, and there was no way to measure the market share impact created by integrator members of the organizations. For example, Texas Instruments, which makes processors included in a number of IP cameras, is a PSIA member, as is IBM. Their presence is not reflected in the study results.

As for conclusions that can be drawn from the study, Hayfield said, “the video surveillance industry has clearly decided that standards are desirable,” as reflected by the fact that 11 of the top 15 video surveillance companies have joined either ONVIF or PSIA.