iPIX offers 360-degree viewing ability

The software firm plans to license its technology to others
Sunday, June 1, 2003

SAN RAMON, Calif. - A company that provides imaging solutions for the Internet has translated that technology into the security world by forming a new group that will market its software to security companies.

iPIX Security Group, an offshoot of Internet Pictures Corp., will be led by security industry veteran Jim Griffin, who has worked for the likes of Cardkey Systems, Mosler and Simplex. Griffin will be responsible for signing on OEMs, such as digital video recorder and camera manufacturers, to use iPIX’s 180-degree and 360-degree video technology.

The company intends to market its software to the government sector for use in Homeland Security applications, plus to traditional security companies.

The software enables a camera system to record either a 180-degree or 360 degree-view using a fish-eye lens and other off the shelf hardware, such as the camera and digital video recorder. Company officials hope to sign agreements with manufacturers to incorporate the technology into their cameras and DVRs.

“It’s a very powerful, investigative view from a recorded video standpoint, because not only can you go back in time, but when you go back you can pan, tilt, and zoom within the recorded image,” said Griffin, vice president and general manager of iPIX.

Phase one of iPIX’s 360-degree technology was funded as a custom project for the government, said Stu Roberson, vice president of worldwide market development. Additional products are slated for release later in the year.

In a few short months since making its technology available to the mainstream, Roberson said iPIX is already working to sign license agreements. Roberson expects to announce those licensing deals in the coming months, which are part of an overall plan by company officials to make iPIX’s video imaging software a standard solution in all security systems.

“Our goal is nothing short of all DVRs being sold,” said Roberson. “We just view this as a feature that is becoming standard in our industry.”