IQinVision getting into access control?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

BIRMINGHAM, UK--Speaking here on his way to the IFSEC show floor, IQinVision chief marketing officer Paul Bodell said his new product, IQaccess, may not rival Lenel and AMAG for entry into the access control market, but "the thing that we love about it is that it leverages our existing intelligence on the camera; and that's not just analytics, as some people call intelligence. It's just the horsepower that we have."

Essentially, IQaccess is software that resides on the IQeye camera that alerts a remote operator with a pop-up window on a PC whenever there's a motion event, doorbell pressed, or other stimulus. The operator can then use the camera's relay to unlock a door and allow entry, or perform any other action that can be controlled in an on/off manner.

For the integrator, it's a free download from the IQ Web site, and "voila," Bodell said, "everyone in the office has the ability to buzz people in and out."

While this doesn't represent a serious entry into the access control software market, "what we are looking to do is integrate more seamlessly with those guys," Bodell said. "Because we have all this processing capability, it would be trivial for us to take an event, create an AVI clip, and send that to the access control system so every event has a corresponding AVI clip. The access control system can integrate directly with the camera, and the camera can service multiple functions."

"But, no," he chuckled, "we're not going after Lenel--yet."