Isenhower will bring new dealerships up-to-speed

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

DENVER-- Rick Isenhower, a Sonitrol sales manager from Houston, has been promoted to regional sales manager to revamp Sonitrol's two most recent acquisitions--dealerships in the major metropolitan areas of Denver and Kansas City.
Isenhower's role will be to ensure that the dealerships are "centric to the Sonitrol message," which he defined as "verified audio and, where applicable, verified video."
Isenhower is hiring additional sales employees in both locations.
It is expected that the transformation of the dealerships will take at least six months in Denver and a little longer in Kansas City.
"Kansas City has had some nice successes in the past, but it's almost as if it's a start-up," Isenhower said.
Accounts from both dealerships will continue to be monitored at Sonitrol's Westlake, Texas, central station.