Jacksonville, N.C. updates false alarm ordinance

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, September 28, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, N.C.--A Sept. 22 story in jdnews.com reports the city of Jacksonville has updated its false alarm ordinance. Jacksonville police are asking residents and business owners with alarms to register with the city to help reduce false calls.

The ordinance now requires alarm companies to make two calls to property owners before sending the alarm on to police. When police respond to a false call, and the alarm owner is not registered with the city, escalating fines are possible.

The city suffers from an estimated 3,000 false alarms annually, with a total cost of around $350,000, and estimates indicate second-call verification is expected to reduce false alarm calls by 35 to 42 percent.

Under the updated ordinance, residents who have three or more false burglary alarms within a 12-month period will have to pay a fine, starting at $50. For each subsequent false alarm a fine is assessed and the more false alarms, the higher the fine gets. Ten or more false alarms will result in a $500 fee for each false alarm. However, residents will be provided the option of taking a class on the third false alarm to waive the fee.

Alarm owners can register on the city’s Web site or by calling 910-938-5200.