Johnson Controls secures Fla. schools

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, August 17, 2006

MILWAUKEE-- Florida's Broward County Public Schools, the nation's sixth largest school district, will be kept safe and secure now that Johnson Controls have designed and installed a security tracking and response system (STAR).
Incorporating SISCO's FAST-PASS system provides a standard method to document and track visitors as they enter and exit school sites.
The solution helps the school district comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act, which took effect in September 2005 and set requirements to prevent sexual offenders or predators from having access to Florida public school district campuses.
The system has network-wide connectivity. For example, an emergency event could be communicated instantly to every workstation in the network. It also can check against local, state and national sexual offender databases, as well as FBI and state and local databases.
Many states have a similar act in place, and the company will work with 250 schools to install the system by this September.