LaserShield announces rollout of portable security system

Thursday, January 4, 2007

LAS VEGAS--LaserShield Systems this week announced that its new Instant Security System is now available nationwide through CompUSA stores. The security system is a plug-and-go standalone product featuring a 105-decibel alarm and professional 24/7 monitoring through Rapid Response in New York. LaserShield will exhibit the system from one of their show coaches at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas, Jan. 8 through 11.
"In 2004 we did our first test market with CompuUSA to get the kinks out of the system," said chief executive officer Anthony Dohrmann. "If you want to know how well we're doing, we've sold upward of 3,000 units in the last 16 weeks." The product is being marketed to "seniors, parents, and small businesses," among others, according to Dorhmann. CompUSA executive vice president and general merchandising manager Brian Woods said in a provided release, "Lasershield has become a top seller [in our security department]."
The starter system, at $199.95, includes a master alarm unit, a wireless motion detector and two keychain remotes. A maximum of 12 detectors can be added to expand the system. Although video surveillance is not available with the system yet, it is "something the company is exploring" for the future, according Dorhmann.
For $19.95, end users can activate the Rapid Response Monitoring Service on the day of purchase on a month-to-month basis.
"Rapid Response has invested about five million dollars in upgrades to enhance their monitoring operations for this system," said Dorhmann. LaserShield is the brainchild of Dorhmann and Rapid Response Monitoring Service chairman and founder Russell MacDonnell.
Dorhmann said the key to offering the LaserShield Instant Security System at retail has been the ease-of-use factor. "A plug-and-go solution has never been available before [on the mass market]...companies have taken wireless component-based systems to put into a do-it-yourself package. But none have been able to get traction in retail."
Likening LaserShield's approach to that of Dell computers, Dorhmann said that in the past, "manufacturing, monitoring, installer networks, they've all been fragmented. This is the first time a company has created an integrated solution: We've leveraged technology to integrate the entire process, moving through the supply chain to the end user." Activation of the system can be done with no technological expertise, according to Dorhmann.
LaserShield's marketing campaign includes spots on CNN's Headline News, the Fox News Network, and Coast to Coast radio. "You'll be seeing a lot of us over the next six months--2007 is a big year for us," said Dorhmann.