In lean times, NFSA beefs up

With well-heeled opponents ready to challenge important codes, NFSA gets feet on the street to spread sprinkler message locally
Sunday, February 1, 2009

PATTERSON, N.Y.--At the end of the year staff party for the National Fire Sprinkler Association, the organization announced that it was hiring four new employees.

Does this mean the sprinkler industry is recession-proof? No, said Jeff Hugo, manager of codes for the NFSA, rather it’s an indication that the NFSA is in good health and that it realizes that now is the time to “put the most effort into making sure the codes [are adopted locally and the language] stays the same.”

The four new employees will be in the engineering department and in the public fire department.

The new employees will be part of a concerted effort to ensure that codes favorable to the industry stay in place.

Hugo and others fully expect the National Association of Home Builders to “try to block adoption of [residential sprinkler codes] at the local level … and we need more people on the ground to fight this.”